Yevgeny Prigozhin (a Russian mercenary chief and a close confidant of the Russian president), the leader of the Wagner mercenary company, has been charged with treason, organizing an armed uprising, and “a stab in the back of our country,” according to Vladimir Putin the Russian president.

With thousands of recruits for his Wagner mercenary group, especially from Russian prisons, Prigozhin has played a crucial part in Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine for months.

Since they are attempting to subsume his forces under their command structure, the open feud he has had with the military leaders in charge of the war has now descended into a revolt.

Vladimir Putin (left), Yevgeny Prigozhin (right)

Wagner forces allege to have taken control of the city and its military facilities after crossing from populated eastern Ukraine into the large city of Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia.

Prigozhin argues that any allegations of a military coup are untrue. He claims that his goal is “a march for justice” rather than “a military coup.”

As of right now, there hasn’t been any explicit attempt to overthrow the government, therefore this isn’t a coup. Yet, it is an attempt to depose Russia’s senior officials, which calls into question the president’s power.

Even if Prigozhin’s competing force was developed with Putin’s permission, it is obvious that Putin no longer has any influence over him.

Although the situation is challenging, President Putin has pledged to take all necessary measures to defend Russia.

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