According to the BBC, a presenter who was accused of bribing a kid for explicit sexual photos has been suspended.

The BBC presenter allegedly paid £35,000 for pornographic images over a three-year period, beginning when the kid was 17 years old, according to the claims, which were first reported by the Sun on Friday.

According to Tim Davie, the matter is “complicated,” and the agency has spoken with “external authorities.” It is believed that in addition to conducting its own inquiries, the BBC also contacted the police.

Tim Davie BBC director general

It claims to be “working as rapidly as possible to ascertain the facts” regarding the allegations made against the presenter, a male who has not yet been named.

According to recent charges, which were reported by the Sun, the star was seen in his underpants “ready for my child to perform for him,” according to the teenager’s mother.

I enjoyed watching him on TV, so when I saw a picture of him lounging on a sofa in his home wearing only his underpants, she said, “I was astonished.”

Victoria Atkins, Conservative MP

Victoria Atkins, a minister for the Conservative Party, advised people to take into account the young kid at the center of the situation, who will probably be “feeling all sorts of emotions” in the midst of the news.

The culture secretary claimed to have spoken with Davie about the “very troubling” revelations earlier on Sunday and requested for the BBC to be allowed “space” to look into the charges.

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