Sydney residents became worried and alarmed when a bishop and several others were stabbed during a church service at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley.

An attacker struck a bishop and many other people during a sermon that was being broadcast online. The local community was shocked by the occurrence, which happened Monday night (today, April 15) in Sydney.

Mar Mari Emmanuel, the bishop who was preaching at the time of the incident, was named as the target of the assault.

Injuries and Medical Assistance

According to reports, three more people were hurt in the incident as well. Father Isaac, who was also hurt, and the bishop were both brought right away to the hospital to receive medical attention. None of the wounds were considered life-threatening despite the violence.

Bishop Stabbed During Church Service-Sydney
Bishop Stabbed During Church Service-Sydney

Law enforcement officials arrived at the site quickly, apprehending the attacker and starting investigations into the attack’s intent, which is still a mystery. Concerns have been raised about the identity of the attacker and any possible ties to radical organizations or goals.

As investigations continued, there was a noticeable police presence in the area, and the public was advised to stay away.

Community Reaction and Call for Calm

The assault drew considerable concern and criticism. Amid the frightening events, local authorities asked locals to maintain composure and vigilance.

Bishop Stabbed During Church Service-Sydney
Bishop Stabbed During Church Service-Sydney

Days have passed since several people were killed in a different brutal attack in Sydney, just as it happened at Christ the Good Shepherd Church.

Though at this time there isn’t any proof linking this crime to the previous Sydney mall stabbing that claimed the lives of six people, Concerns over increased security measures and public safety have been brought up by the incidents.

Authorities are steadfast in their commitment to seeing that the victims receive justice and that those responsible for the crimes are held responsible.

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