The mysterious story of La Doncella, a 15-year-old mummy whose final resting place was in the ancient Inca Empire, is being investigated by a group of experts.

This intriguing person is thought to have been selected for a sacred sacrifice and given the incredible honor of spending time in the divine presence of the gods.

The reason for this investigation is to resolve the puzzles surrounding this fascinating historical character.

Her frozen remains, which are located at the breathtaking altitude of 22000 feet atop Mount Llullaillaco, have managed to withstand the passage of time for half a millennium.

Experts are baffled by the mummy of La Doncella’s exceptional condition of preservation.

The internal organs are amazingly undamaged, and the heart and lungs still have detectable blood flow. There are barely any visible symptoms of damage to the skin or facial characteristics. Increasing the mystery around this remarkable discovery.

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