On Tuesday, June 13, Hilda Baci was officially recognized as the bearer of the record for the longest individual cooking marathon by Guinness World Records.

Following four days of cooking last month, Hilda Baci became a big star. She was given the equivalent of a five-minute break every hour as she cooked for 100 hours.

GWR representatives were not present at the event, which took place in Lagos’ upscale Lekki neighborhood, but they afterwards watched the CCTV tape.

Hilda Baci

However, GWR has recorded her record as 93 hours and 11 minutes, deducting seven hours for once taking a longer break than was permitted.

Even so, she outperformed the previous record by more than five hours, which was set in 2019 by Lata Tondon, an Indian chef, in Rewa, central India.

CLICK HERE to watch the official announcement, she received a lot of congratulations from netizens on twitter with others also rooting for chef Dammy’s quest to surpass this record.

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