Emmanuel Nyarko, the headmaster of Benkum Senior High School, has been requested to step down by the Ghana Education Service (GES) so that an investigation into the charges of sexual assault against 15 female students can be conducted.

Once he apparently decided to facilitate the transfer of several teachers who were allegedly engaged in a similar crime, the headteacher’s alleged sexual abuse was discovered.

Mr Nyarko Emmanuel benkum SHS

The instructors reportedly exposed the headteacher’s actions by refusing the transfer. In order to start an investigation into the situation, the GES then requested that Mr. Nyarko resign from his position.

Mr. Yaw Opoku Mensah, deputy spokesperson for the ministry of education, said GES is taking measures to make sure that these things don’t continue in schools.

He clarified that the Service’s desire to see all of its laws and regulations strictly adhered to was what led to its decision to ask the headmaster to step down so that investigations could be conducted.

deputy spokesperson MoE Yaw Opoku Mensah

Although it is unclear exactly when the alleged sexual harassment started, the Education Service asserts that it is committed to eradicating this rot from educational institutions.

According to Mr. Opoku, a committee at the GES’s headquarters will oversee the entire investigation, and the Service’s management will get the findings and its conclusions.

The GES will provide a supportive environment for teaching and learning, he added, despite the fact that it does not support such wrongdoing.

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