A new health insurance plan designed to cover foreign visitors within Ghana for short visits has been introduced by the Ministry of Health in the country.

This program demonstrates the government’s dedication to providing healthcare to everyone, irrespective of residency status.

The Ministry of Health, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), and other partners worked together to formulate this policy, which is known as “National Non-resident Visitors Health Insurance.” It is directed at foreign visitors who are staying in Ghana for less than six months.

Technology Platform for Accessibility

A National Non-Resident Visitors Health Insurance Technology Platform (NNRVHITP) will be created to improve accessibility. This platform will simplify the application process and enhance the user experience by allowing non-resident tourists to apply for insurance digitally from their home countries.

The National Health Insurance Act, 2012 (Act 852), which requires the provision of high-quality healthcare for both residents and non-residents, is in line with the establishment of this policy.

It seeks to guarantee fair access to medical treatment in order to enhance the quality of life.

WHO’s Appreciation

Ghana’s attempts to ensure universal healthcare coverage have been commended by Professor Francis Kasolo, the Country Representative of the World Health Organization.

Professor Francis Kasolo

He underlined how crucial it is for parties to work together to remove obstacles that prevent non-residents from accessing healthcare.

The National Health Authority’s chairman, Dr. Ernest Kwarko, commended the advancements made in providing inhabitants with greater access to healthcare.

He was optimistic that the new policy would rectify the imbalance in coverage for non-residents, although he pointed out a gap in it.

Dr. Ernest K.P. Kwarko

Since the introduction of the NHIS policy for foreigners, some citizens have wondered if the government is concerned about the crises that its citizens are currently experiencing or if they are merely trying to make a good impression on international visitors.

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