The United Arab Emirates received the heaviest rainfall on record, which caused serious flooding and major disruptions throughout the nation.

Heavy thunderstorms battered the desert city-state of Dubai, dumping more rain in a few hours than it typically receives in a year and a half

The heavy rain started late on Monday and covered the roads and beaches in Dubai with about 20mm (0.79 inches) of rain. The storms got worse by Tuesday morning, dumping an excessive amount of rain and hailstorms on the city, damaging its buildings and drainage systems.

Severe Flooding in Dubai
Severe Flooding in Dubai

As much as 10 inches (254 mm) of rain fell in some places in a single day, prompting meteorologists to call the intense downpour an extraordinary occurrence.

Dubai’s regular life and transportation were disrupted by the unexpected flooding caused by this catastrophic weather occurrence.

Airport Disruptions

The intense rain had a serious impact on Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest hubs for international flight travel worldwide.

Severe Flooding in Dubai
Dubai airport

The airport was forced to divert inbound flights and halt arrivals due to the overflowing runways. The surrounding roads were submerged, making it difficult for passengers to reach the terminals.

Dubai International Airport acknowledged the floods and their impact on operations in a statement posted on the X platform.

The airport praised patrons for their tolerance and patience amid the difficulties caused by the intense downpour but emphasized that recovery work would take some time.

Severe Flooding in Dubai
Severe Flooding in Dubai

Tragic Consequences

In the United Arab Emirates, one individual perished as a result of the extreme weather. A man in his seventies perished when his automobile was carried away by floodwaters.

The intense downpours had an impact in neighboring Oman as well, resulting in flash flooding and several casualties, including the deaths of schoolchildren.

Police navigated through the flooded streets and helped those in need as emergency services and officials worked nonstop to handle the flooding’s aftermath.

Notwithstanding the difficulties brought on by the severe weather, people showed resilience and togetherness in the face of hardship.

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