Shocking allegations about drug smuggling out of the country have been made by Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale against several of the country’s artists and the Kotoka International Airport.

In reaction to debates on social media about his buddy Mona Faiz Montrage, also known as Hajia4real, who was recently detained in the US, Shatta Wale made his remarks. Shatta Wale’s name has been mentioned a lot in relation to reports of Hajia4real’s arrest and probable involvement of accomplices.

Hajia4real and shatta

Shatta Wale voiced his frustration at being linked to such charges in a video that was posted on Twitter, publicly denouncing any involvement in fraudulent activity.

He pondered why he would indulge in fraudulent operations and added that because of his fame, powerful people in the nation were eagerly expecting his arrest.

A number of Ghanaian musicians, according to the dancehall musician, are allegedly participating in drug smuggling. He further asserted that Kotoka International Airport is aware of this and is constantly watching the situation.

shatta’s allegations on cocaine smuggling

In his narrative, Shatta Wale mentioned how he once learned that several Ghanaian musicians smuggled cocaine out of the nation, and that the airport officials were aware of these operations.

He advised people to contact the airport to find out more about the number of musicians in possession of cocaine while traveling. These accusations made by Shatta Wale have ignited debates and brought up issues regarding drug smuggling in the Ghanaian music industry and at the nation’s international airport.

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