Sex is now officially recognized as a sport in Sweden. Starting next week will mark the beginning of the inaugural European Sex Championship, which is expected to take place on June 8.

The Swedish Sex Federation is hosting the competition, which is accessible to participants from all European nations. The competition is anticipated to extend for several weeks, with each competitor required to compete for six hours each day.

The audience will have a say in the final judgments, but a panel of judges will determine the victors of the sex competition. The audience will take note of many components of the sexual activity in addition to how it affects the choice.

The couple’s chemistry, their sex expertise, and their level of endurance will all be taken into account when deciding who will win in the end. A 70-30 split between audience votes and judge ratings will be used to determine the winners at the final judgment.

Also, competitors are expected to be knowledgeable about the Kamasutra, and they will receive bonus points for incorporating as many of its elements into their challenges as possible.

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