The Ghana Police Service has taken into custody the driver of a Hyundai truck allegedly involved in an accident with a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train on the Tema-Mpakadan railway line.

Initial inquiries point to the driver leaving the truck unattended on the railroad track as the cause of the crash.

The Ministry of Railways Development confirmed the collision between the new DMU train and a stationary vehicle on the Tema Railway line during a site acceptance test.

The incident occurred when the train encountered the stationary vehicle on the railway track, resulting in a collision despite the train’s emergency braking.

Tema-Mpakadan Railway
Tema-Mpakadan Railway

Minor damage had been caused to the train’s driver’s cabin, but no injuries were recorded. According to Mr. Yaw Owusu, CEO of the Railways Development Authority, the train’s manufacturer would pay for the necessary repairs for the damaged parts.

The 41-year-old driver, Abel Dzidotor, received a sentence from the Juapong Circuit Court for his involvement in the train tragedy.

Dzidotor admitted to being guilty of three of the four offenses, which included careless driving and inflicting damage without authorization.

Tema-Mpakadan Railway
Tema-Mpakadan Railway

The court imposed sanctions for the charges despite taking into account mitigating considerations like Dzidotor’s marital status and guilty plea.

The crash occurred during a train test run in the Asuogyaman District due to Dzidotor leaving his truck on the railroad track, the prosecution claimed.

Even though Dzidotor tried to hide from the police, he was caught and charged in court.

The court postponed the hearing on the driver’s license offense until May 9, 2024. Dzidotor entered a not guilty plea, arguing that his license was still inside the wrecked car.

In order to prevent further repercussions, he has been asked to bring the license to court by the designated day.

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