After a convincing 4-0 defeat of Guinea at the Accra Sports Stadium, the Ghanaian Black Queens have secured their spot in the play-offs of the Olympic Games qualifying for Paris 2024.

The Queens now have a 7-0 overall victory after their 3-0 away victory in the first game, which was played on Friday, July 14.

The Black Queens defeat Guinea

Ghana won their 2024 Olympic Games qualifying match in the second leg, 4-0, with to two goals from Evelyn Badu and one each from Princella Adubea and Firdaus Yakubu.

Evelyn Badu, a midfielder, scored twice, first with a solo goal from the right flank in the 36th minute and then with another goal from the same position in the 59th minute. The second goal was scored by striker Princella Adubea in the 52nd minute, and the fourth by Firdaus Yakubu in the 85th.

The Black Queens defeat Guinea-Evelyn Badu

With a 7-0 overall record after Tuesday’s 4-0 victory, Ghana has qualified for the next round of play. The Black Queens’ next opponent in the subsequent round of qualifiers will be Benin once they defeat Guinea Bissau.

But now Ghana will concentrate on the qualifiers for the upcoming women’s Africa Cup of Nations, when they will play Rwanda in September.

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