A distressed shooting incident in Millennium City in Kasoa, Central Region, on Tuesday, April 30, claimed the life of a military officer.

The altercation arose from a dispute over land ownership, escalating into a violent confrontation that claimed the life of one soldier.

The sad event happened when the deceased and his two friends went up against people who they said were trespassing on property they owned.

The situation turned deadly when one of the suspects, identified as Benlord Ababio, allegedly opened fire on the officers’ vehicle, fatally shooting one of them.

Military Officer Killed in Kasoa
Military Officer Killed in Kasoa

Following the shooting, the Millennium City District Police Command swiftly apprehended Benlord Ababio, also known as Nana Ben, the suspected assailant

He is currently locked up while his involvement in the killing is investigated further. He is reportedly the Gyasehene of Millennium City.

An eyewitness who helped with the land purchase claimed that attempts to settle the disagreement through police intervention had not succeeded in the past.

The military officer was shot dead while attempting to flee the scene because of the ongoing conflict.

Military Officer Killed in Kasoa
Military Officer Killed in Kasoa

After being sent to the Mother and Child Hospital in Kasoa, the injured officer unfortunately passed away due to the injuries he sustained. As the incident is being investigated, his body has been moved to the 37 Military Hospital.

To protect public safety and try to stop such occurrences from happening in the future, the Police Service has promised to collaborate closely with the leadership of the Ghana Armed Forces to guarantee a comprehensive investigation.

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