The Gospel

The life and ministry of our LORD JESUS CHRIST is the centerpiece of the gospel and in entirety the Bible. Our sins (Gen 2:17 and Romans 6:23) separated us from our loving FATHER, JESUS brought us back to our FATHER because of HIS love (Romans 3:25, 1 John 2:2) for us. A man with no sin died for sinners. The kingdom of GOD is about HIS love, forgiveness, peace, grace, and eternal life. The gospel is JESUS CHRIST, and the gospel came for everyone, and is always available on any day and anytime. JESUS CHRIST is life, life eternal not religious. This blog will propagate the Gospel of CHRIST in diverse ways.

Diet and Nutrition

This blog seeks to provide information about healthy dieting. Resources, and other ideas will be provided to help people follow a healthy lifestyle. In the process of presenting the information, certain myths about diet will be debunked. This blog will improve the diet style of individuals. Information from this blog in addition to your consulted healthcare professional can make a great decision to improve your health through diet and nutrition.

Follow this blog to uplift your spiritual and physical health.

Thank you.

By LoveChapters

LoveChapters is a believer of JESUS CHRIST and seeks to share HIS love. LoveChapters is a freelance dietitian.

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